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Thank you for your interest in enrolling your child/children in NAZ Children’s Centre. It is our greatest pleasure to have your family join the NAZ family.  Below is the Enrollment Checklist, also available here as a PDF: Enrollment Checklist

New Family’s Enrollment Checklist:

•  Copy of birth certificate(s)
•  Copy of immunization card(s)
•  2 passport sized photographs
•  Most recent school’s report card (last term spent at the school)
•  Copy of doctor’s certificate stating any long term illnesses (if applicable)
•  Copy of psychological assessments done from birth to present (if applicable)
•  Copy of documents from any test or evaluation done from birth to present (if applicable)
•  A completed NAZ Children’s Centre Application Form (ALL areas must be signed)
•  A school medical report form, to be filled out by your child’s physician  Medical Form PDF
•  Copy of child’s passport if non-Jamaican
•  Copy of parent’s current work permit if parents are on contract in Jamaica

Boys:  wear khaki pants or shorts (black belt worn at waist)

Girls:  wear khaki shorts or skirts (with attached shorts) with waistband or elastic waist.  Hair Accessories: Girls are expected to wear white, dark or light blue hair clips with blue polo shirts and green, red or yellow and white clips with sports outfits.

ALL:  students wear the school’s blue polo shirts 4 days each week (Mondays to Thursdays) and their sports uniforms (green, red or yellow-sold at the school) on Fridays each week. All students wear black shoes and black socks with their regular uniform and white shoes and socks on sports days.

A personalized book list is given to each child entering in September or January. All students entering in the final term of the school year will receive learning material from NAZ Children’s Centre for that term. A list is then given for September. Each family however is asked to buy six (6) hard cover notebooks, for each child entering at four years old and up no matter when they

Snacks are sold at the school’s tuck shop daily. Lunches are offers at a cost of $250.00 each day (juice included). You may pay monthly (at the beginning of the month), weekly or daily. You may give your (capable) children money to buy lunch and snacks they may desire. You are encouraged to send hot lunches in a food thermos (to keep it hot) as we limit microwave usage at the school.