Financial Aid

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Financial Aid Payment Plans & Policies

(All  payment plans are limited to a certain number per term per year…families on payment plans MUST re-apply each term to be on the plan…it is not automatic)

3 part Payment Plan (limited to 5 families per term)

The tuition rate per term is divided into three equal monthly payments, which start on the first day of each term and end on the first day of the last month of each term. Payments are due on the first of each month.

2 Part Payment Plan (limited to 7 families per term)

The tuition rate is broken into two parts. The first half must be paid on or before the first day of the term and the second half must be paid on or before the first day of the second half of the term (mid-term break).

Discount for the school year

A 10% discount on the combined tuition is given to families with two or more children
currently attending NAZ Children’s Centre.

Tuition Refunds

A 50% refunds is given to students who are withdrawn before the first day of school. After the first day of school a family has 5 school days to inform the school of a withdrawal which will allow for a 20% refund. If a child attends school for 6 or more days, there will be NO refund. If a child is withdrawn BEFORE payment is made, the rule still applies. The family must pay the tuition in full if 6 school days have passed.

Tuition Invoices will be sent out only once for the school term.  The invoice shows the  tuition payment balance. All tuition payments are due on or before the first day of each term (or month if on a payment plan). Tuition reminder statements are only given on accounts that are past due. If balance is not paid on the given date, parents must meet with the principal.

Other invoices

Invoices for After School Activities (Karate, Dance etc.), lunch, snacks, supplies etc. are sent out as needed.

Late Fees

Late fees of JMD$500.00 per week is charged to accounts that are more than 5 days past due.  Action will be taken on accounts that fall 30 days or more behind.  If an account is 1 month overdue and there has been no payment within 10 days of this notification, the students will be dis-enrolled. Academic transcripts will not be handed over if there are ANY outstanding balances.

Overdue Accounts

Families who owe a bill from a previous school year will not be allowed to return for the following year.  The account must be paid in full by June 3oth, or the student’s spot will be forfeited and he/she may be placed on a waiting list.  If you are unable to make your payment in a timely manner, please contact the School’s Accountant or Principal.

Accidents on School Property

If a child is hurt on the school property (not by another child), the school is not liable to be sued. The school reserves the right to CHOOSE to compensate a family for damages but is not obligated to do so. If a child is hurt by another child accidentally or on purpose, the damages must be paid for by the family of the child who has caused harm.