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A Proud Tradition of Excellence

NAZ is the perfect place for our children from kindergarten through high school. Our small class settings give our children room to grow both intellectually and creatively. This allows them to have a one-to-one learning experience with their teachers.  Our dedicated and unique staff strives on the love that we have for our children and are driven in ensuring that each child maximizes their learning potential. Our teachers always go above and beyond to unlock the learning potentials of their developing minds.

We have tailored programs designed to develop minds that may have a special need or may be uncomfortable learning in the traditional class setting. If your child is hyperactive, has downs syndrome, attention deficit disorder or any type of learning or behavioral challenge that may make them feel frustrated in the basic primary educational setting, our arms are wide open and we welcome them with the confidence that here at NAZ , their minds and personalities will blossom.

NAZ will allow children to reach their ultimate learning potential with our innovative methods of learning development. We are a family, and our parents play an equal role with our staff to create an environment not only about learning but also about love, team spirit and equality.

It is always a fun filled affair when we have one of our many recreational events that bring parents, teachers, friends, sponsors and children together. The joy and enthusiasm is always a thrill, and we all leave with a sense of purpose, admiration and true understanding of what it means to allow our children to express themselves naturally and without fear of criticism, while unveiling the hidden potentials of their individual minds. Here lies the key that unlocks our children, the primary roots that determine our future.