NAZ featured in SpaRetailer Magazine!


NAZ Children’s Centre was featured in SpaRetailer Magazine’s January 2014 issue.

WHEN WE LAST CHECKED IN ON MASTER SPAS’ PLANS TO BUILD A SCHOOL IN JAMAICA, THEY WERE JUST THAT: PLANS.  Three years later, the NAZ Children’s Center in Montego Bay has opened its doors – and answered lots of prayers. At a 2010 Master Spas dealer meeting in Jamaica, some from the company’s management team stopped by a local private school to distribute much-needed supplies. “What tears me up each time I think of it is, I had never contemplated for a moment closing down,” says Alixann Narcisse- Campbell, the founder and principle at NAZ Children’s Center. “But the very month before they came was the hardest month I can remember the school ever having.”…  READ MORE (PDF) >

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Our New website

We have a new school, now it’s time for a new website!  Please be patient with us as we’re updating.  Thank you

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NAZ featured in Western Mirror, Montego Bay

Naz Children’s Centre bridging the learning divideThe Naz Children Centre in Rose Hall, opened its doors to its new home at the start of the new school term. The school which has been in existence for eight years, has been working with students who have special needs, but the learning environment also incorporates students that would be considered normal, under the particular circumstance.

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Master Spas Visits NAZ Children’s Centre

Master Spas and thier dealers are teaming up with the Digicel Corporation, Rose Hall Development Group and The Spanish-Jamaican Foundation to build a state of the art school for NAZ Children’s Centre. NAZ Children’s Centre is a “mixed ability” school that caters to each child’s developmental needs.

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Digicel Foundation donates $31m to Children’s Centre

Digicel Foundation donates $31m to children’s centreWestern Bureau:The NAZ Children’s Centre in Montego Bay has received a generous donation of $31 million from Digicel Foundation to construct a new facility, which is earmarked for completion by September 2013. With the expected increased space, the school is now poised to start the Leadership Education and Achievement Programme, which will enable special-needs children over the age of 13 to learn a skill.

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Digicel Foundation’s event will benifit NAZ

NAZ Children’s CentreFrom left: Betty McKenzie of the Spanish-Jamaican Foundation (SFJ); Celsa Nuno, president of the SJF and Spanish Ambassador to Jamaica; Alixann Narcisse-Campbell, principal and director of the Naz Children Centre; Gregory Mair, then minister of state in the Ministry of Education, with several students of the centre in Ironshore, Montego Bay, during a handover ceremony to donate furniture and educational supplies to the institution last year.

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